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We supply the full line of Slaughtering Equipment with special focus on efficiency and hygiene.

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Our line of Deboning Equipment is designed to ensure maximum yield and ultimate sharpness of your knives. We also have all the machines needed to process meat.

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Meat Processing

We supply a full range of high efficiency Meat Processing Equipment, ranging from bandsaws to membrane skinners. We provide back-up service on all machines and have all required blades and spares available.

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The range of Hygiene Equipment not only ensures optimal cleanliness but is designed to increase throughput and thus extend production time.

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Offal Processing

We are the proud African agents of Ollari & Conti, the leading manufacturers of offal cleaning and processing equipment. Add value to your production by processing meat by-products.

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Cleaning Systems

Lagafors’ Cleaning Systems are focused on continuously improving food safety and hygiene with reduced costs whilst minimizing environmental impact and improving the work environment.

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Protective Wear

We offer only the highest quality of protective clothing used in abattoirs and food processing plants, designed to maximise yield.

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We stock a full range of consumables used in abattoirs, deboning plants and butcheries.

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We are Driven by a motivation for quality; with a sense of obligation to all business associates.

We are a Distinctive brand, with unique, specialised products and relationships.

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