The new Polyurethane Monobloc Deboning Apron

The brand new Polyurethane Monobloc Deboning Apron from Manulatex offers the perfect solution to plastic waste caused by costly disposable aprons and smocks.

Compared to PVC, polyurethane is much more resistant to chemicals, blood and fat. It also handles temperature changes much better than PVC-coated aprons. The PVC coating has a very limited life span and can start to deteriorate after only one week if exposed to harsh environments. The aprons start to show cracks, exposing the woven nylon inner structure and the PVC flakes off. The danger is that these PVC flakes very often end up in food. The lifespan of these aprons are limited to about 4 weeks in high throughput conditions, whereas the Polyurethane Monobloc has been found to last up to 6 months in the harsh conditions of high-throughput productions.

Disposable plastic (polyethylene) aprons and smocks are mistakenly perceived as a low-cost protective layer against blood and fat. Without considering breakage, the accumulated cost of disposable smocks over 6 months amounts to almost double the price of the Monobloc which has a life span of at least 6 months.

With the international protest against single-use plastics, even the South African government is considering a ban on certain plastics. Switching to Polyurethane would not only be a cost saving, but would also contribute to the global drive against plastic waste.


The 200µm Polyurethane Monobloc Deboning Apron comes in 5 bright colours to allow for colour-coding in different departments. They are available in White, Blue, Yellow, Red and Green.