The new Polyurethane Monobloc Deboning Apron

The brand new Polyurethane Monobloc Deboning Apron from Manulatex offers the perfect solution to plastic waste caused by costly disposable aprons and smocks. Compared to PVC, polyurethane is much more resistant to chemicals, blood and fat. It also handles temperature changes much better than PVC-coated aprons. The PVC coating has a very limited life span Read more about The new Polyurethane Monobloc Deboning Apron[…]

Introducing Lagafors Cleaning Systems

Cleaning systems that add value to the food industry We all have to be good global corporate citizens where we in a sustainable way use scarce resources under the motto “As little as possible – As much as necessary”. Since 1962 Lagafors have single-mindedly focused on continuously improving food safety and hygiene with reduced costs whilst minimizing environmental Read more about Introducing Lagafors Cleaning Systems[…]

Introducing the EFA 900 Handskinner The EFA 900 Handskinner is the perfect tool for trimming pork rinds in high throughput conditions. The top rollers grab hold of the rind and trip it away as the ultra sharp derinder blade slices between the rind an the fat. The cutting depth is easily adjustable in order to provide the perfect cut Read more about Introducing the EFA 900 Handskinner[…]