Corridor Bootwasher

• The CC2002 Compact Corridor Bootwasher is very economical on power consumption with 4 motors, each using only 0.75KW.
• It uses only 8 litres of water per minute if running continuously.
• The machine is fitted with fat trays that collect all the fat, meat and any other waste material that prevents blockage of your drains.
• The machine is also fitted with its own high-power hose for easy cleaning.
• The bootwasher illuminates hand-to-foot contamination as no hand contact is required.
• The motors are protected from any high-pressure spray.
• It has a high throughput of 12-15 people per minute, depending on the hygiene lobby setup.
• The tactically distributed nozzles spray disinfectant or soap into the brushes in order to increase the hygienic effect.
• The body of the machine is 100% stainless steel; each of the four legs can carry 150kg.