Encore Folded Towel Dispenser

This unit is a neat paper towel dispenser that fits folded paper towels packed neatly ontop of one another and fed from the bottom. Dispenses C-folded and Z- folded paper towels, one and two ply.


  • Robust, high impact stainless steel body
  • Weight – 2.16kg
  • Lockable


  • No batteries needed for convenient manual dispensing
  • Convenient and fits various types of folded paper towels
  • Quality grade 304 stainless steel provides durability
  • Lockable to prevent theft of consumables


  • Dimensions (h/w/d) – 362mm x 286mm x 101mm
  • Finish – Stainless Steel
  • Consumables – Interfold Folded Paper Towels