Encore Manual Gel Soap Dispenser 1250ml

A compact aesthetically pleasing soap dispenser that is packed with a surprising 1.25 liters. This durable & robust unit dispenses all kinds of liquid soap by refilling its refillable tank.


  • 430 Stainless steel gauge 1mm
  • Refillable liquid soap only
  • Liquid based soaps – 1ml per application = 1250 applications per refill
  • Solid brass chrome coated valve for smooth pumping action
  • Acrylic sight glass
  • Lockable


  • Robust, high impact resistant
  • Refillable chamber that can dispense most liquid soaps
  • Cost effective stainless steel soap dispenser option
  • Lock prevents theft of consumables


  • Dimensions (h/w/d) – 208mm x 123mm x 73mm
  • Capacity – 1250ml
  • Finish – Stainless steel
  • Consumables – Gel compatible, Refillable only