• User friendly sharpening: The Sharp Easy is mounted on the table and therefore already positioned at an angle which promotes easy sharpening.
  • Increased product yield: Due to the fact that the knives are always kept sharp, the highest possible yield is achieved.
  • Increased lifespan of knives: The sharpening bars on the Sharp Easy use graphite to sharpen the knives. This doesn’t damage your knives at all like belts or stones would.
  • Economical: One unit serves six to eight users at the table and only the sharpening bars need to be replaced; usually in about six months.
  • Security features: The unit can be locked into its holder with a padlock so it cannot be removed from the table.
  • Hygiene: Both the plastic and steel units can be kept clean by simple submersion into a washing solution.

*Available in Stainless Steel or Hardened Plastic Body