UV Knife Sterilizing Cabinet SS

The Stainless Steel Knife Sterilizing Cabinet is fitted with a UV bulb which, by emitting germicidal ultraviolet (generating ozone), provides an excellent decontamination of your knives or any utensils placed on the magnetic bar.

Available in two models – 1 Door (capacity: 10 knives) and 2 Door (capacity: 25 knives)

  • In compliance with HACCP requirements
  • Stainless steel NF EN 1.4307 (AISI 304L)
  • Closing with a push-button and key
  • Magnetic bar to fit knives on
  • Safety – “on-off” light switch in the front
  • UV tubes 15 Watts
  • Power supply – 230 volts single-phase
  • Protection index – IP 21